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Couple's Intensive

  • 4 hr
  • 400-800
  • Kenwood/Oneida Office |Syracuse Office

Service Description

Couple's intensives offer a unique opportunity couples to engage deeply with the therapeutic process and often lead to significant insights and breakthroughs. These are a specialized and condensed form of therapy that involves longer and more concentrated sessions. In a focused, supportive, and private environment, Tanya will guide you and your partner through intensive sessions designed to address your specific needs. Whether you're facing communication issues, trust concerns, sexual desire discrepancy, or simply seeking to deepen your connection, our intensive program is a fast-track solution to lasting positive change. Intensives can last between several hours or be scheduled for consecutive days based on the individual needs of the couple.

Contact Details

  • Outside, 181 Kenwood Ave, Oneida, NY, USA

  • 600 E Genesee St suite 114, Syracuse, NY, USA

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